About Us

Team A Toys has created a whole new platform in entertainment – Galaxy Stars, a gaming system that is both physical and virtual, relying on the user’s skill at hitting a real ball, but providing them with a rich, immersive 3D user interface.

Galaxy Stars is highly adaptable. The current iteration features three games: soccer, baseball, and hockey. The game system has a large mat and electronic scoreboard that can be easily set up and removed – there is no need to permanently mount the mat or scoreboard: they hang on readily available 3M sticky hooks. The games are skill-based, and players compete to get the best score during timed rounds.

The games use the world’s largest interactive mat, and the scoreboards for all games feature deluxe 3D graphics, LED lights, and premium sounds; the Galaxy Stars gaming system is an innovative product that truly stands alone.

Team - A Sports will develop a brand that communicates its core values of providing affordable, exciting, and innovative game play experiences that marry physical activity with virtual reality.

A cohesive brand identity, including a memorable logo and all necessary marketing collateral, will transmit a clear message of these values to the Company’s customers and wholesale partners globally and guide the development of marketing campaigns.



  • The Company has identified the following objectives and benchmarks as it begins operations:
  • Raise capital, launch, sell, and deliver new specialty toys and games
  • Establish itself as a trusted manufacturer of exciting, innovative, and interactive games
  • Partner with international reps to launch games globally in countries where represented sports (baseball, soccer, and hockey, initially) are number one
  • Build a base of wholesale and retail partners large enough to sustain business
  • Enhance its client base to sustain the business and support its growth objectives
  • Generate enough revenue to expand operations